10 Reasons Why Your Design Skills May Seem Lame

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The design field is pretty crowded. If this is your “calling,” then you have to accept that you are in competition with a lot of creatives that may know more than you. You have to accept that you will have to take all of that creativity you have and translate it into products that others love. And you have to accept that you will need to constantly practice your craft, learn from others, and adopt a path of continual self-education.
In this respect, your career is like all others. There is always more to learn; there are always new skills to develop. Consider any other major profession. There are continuing education requirements in order to keep medical, legal, teaching, and accounting licenses. You don’t have a license to keep, but you do have to keep on improving and evolving. If your designs seem “lame” to you right now, think about these reasons why they may be failing, and how you can fix them.
Not Having Your Own “Voice”
If you have gone through design school or if you are self-taught, there is a grave pitfall for many designers. You tend to be inspired by designers that have “made it.” This is normal. But at some stage, you have to have your own point of view – a style that is uniquely yours and with which you are comfortable.

This may involve some risk-taking on your part. You may have to get out of that comfort zone of emulating others and into experimentation with a design until you’ll find your own “voice.” Start experimenting and feed that creative passion within you. As long as you keep emulating others, your designs will never live up to your expectations. Click here to continue reading.


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