Don’t Let Paper Get BORING!

When it comes to grabbing customers’ attention, one of your most important tools is paper stock. It’s what recipients see first, even before they read your message. People are visual. They also respond to touch. If you pick the right paper, it can make a strong first impression. 

Studies show that tangible materials leave a deeper footprint in the brain, making paper a powerful marketing tool. These are just a few examples. Talk to us about how today’s array of options can give a boost to your next print campaign!

Astronomical Results!
When Quinn’s Quilts wanted to get people — lots of people — into its store, it needed more than a promotional message and a discount. To get that WOW! factor and ensure that its message got seen, it selected Lift-Off Lemon 80-lb. cover paper from Astrobrights. When people opened the mailbox, the bright, intense yellow jumped out from the rest of the mail like a spotlight. Combined with a powerful geometric pattern overlaid with the Quinn’s Quilts logo, it was a message the target audience was sure not to miss!

Mardin & Marsee is an Alabama-based publisher that offers travel- and outdoor-ready Bibles for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and explorers. For a recent project, it wanted something really different. It wanted an American made paper that is fully waterproof, durable enough to withstand the natural elements, but also light enough to be used in a Bible application. The publisher selected 100% waterproof YUPO Synthetic Paper, which is recyclable, tear-resistant, and can even be marked with a highlighter. Synthetic paper isn’t just for menus anymore. Bring on the rain! (Waterproof papers are available in digital versions, as well, including YUPO Blue.) 

How Does 
It Feel? 
When Neenah Paper wanted designers to understand the power of touch in influencing the consumer’s brain, it decided to show, not tell. Using the line “How does it feel?” Neenah launched its printed promotion “Feel . . . Think . . . Do” using its ENVIRONMENT line and RAW finish, which mimics the look and feel of kraft paper. Today, many papers, including Neenah’s Grocer Kraft in RAW finish, are available in digital versions. If textured paper makes you want to reach out and touch, you’re not alone.  Neenah Paper is counting on it!


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